But you are in France, Madame !: Panic buying

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« That’s a nice dress. »

« Thanks. My most recent op-shop purchase. I love it. It’s a shame I don’t have shoes to match. »

« It’d go well with a nice pair of diamond earrings. » 

My head dropped. I grimaced as I looked up and locked eyes with my husband, who was sitting on the bed, grinning from earring-less ear to ear.

That hit home. It had been a genuine mistake. 

Not quite twenty-four hours before, intrigued by the concept of a jewellery and home contents online auction, I was browsing and trying to figure out how it all worked, moving the cursor over my computer screen.

« Oh no, » I had said, with genuine panic. My cursor had stopped at the exact spot that the big red ‘Bid Now’ button was situated and somehow, somehow, it had clicked and communicated to the faceless organisers that I wanted to buy …. I didn’t even know what the item was. The only thing I registered was the price. Four. Thousand. Dollars (five if you add in the buyer’s premium). 

Earrings, it turned out. The auction house was not interested in my protests that it was a genuine mistake, which I unfortunately get. 

The irony. I don’t even have my ears pierced. That’s a lot of books that I have to sell to cover just one click.

PS « Sure, sure. I believe you, » said my daughter.

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Merci et à bientôt.

Not in France unfortunately. Still pretending.

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