Thistle Cottage Studio – A French Homestead Life

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Drum roll please!!!!!Apart from painting the walls, and making curtains, my studio is finished. A lot of chalk painting and waxing brocante finds, and suffering from cracked skin on my fingers, a sore back and bruises from I don’t know where….I love it! Somehow it seems to have manifested a French red, white and blue scheme, but what I love most, is the amount of storage I now have. The two desks, now limed are huge. The additional storage on top gives me a tonne more room for my art materials. I have two huge bookcases, one rescued from a very ginger eighties look and another, a revamped Deco piece. I have a sofa and a loveky cabinet that holds my papers and drawings and a little unit, also limed, to hold all my paints and brushes.

There is a little antique stove too, so winter shoukd be cosy enough. I have a view of the garden too. My haven, my space at last.

Favorite sun spot.

It took a little bit if rearranging furniture to get spaces that were more useful than just a route past the window. By moving the table to the bottom if the stairs, which will now have a turn, I got myself a little seating area to catch the 🌞 sun.

This is the downstairs…French chic and once all the lamps and fabrics go in, very pretty. But upstairs it’s a different world….for my next post…..and its inspired by a 🐊 crock that goes tick-tock!

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