A tasty tour of Dordogne by 2CV

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A red 2 CV for a gastronomic tour of Dordogne with Perigourmet

Dordogne is one of the most stunningly pretty parts of France. A land of outstanding natural beauty, forests and vineyards, where ancient castles seem to be on every corner in medieval villages and atop every hill. The famous Dordogne River meanders through the department, its twists and turns keeping the land lush and verdant.

The finest food in France

It is also home to some of the finest food in France. Dordogne is famous for its duck dishes, rich patés, freshwater fish dishes, rustic country soups and many more delicious products. And if you want to discover its many charms, its history and traditions, secrets and gastronomy, there’s no better way to explore than with Danu and Michel Duneau of Perigourmet. They run day trip tours, in historic 2CV cars, which take you on a gastronomic journey of authentic, historic and delicious Dordogne.

While the world constantly changes there is one thing that you can be sure stays the same in the Dordogne – the gastronomy will always be sensational.  And if you know where to look, you will find that the region’s rich history is to be found not just in the age-old castles and prehistoric caves but in its dishes and local specialities, in its vineyards and walnut orchards, boulangeries and fromageries and ancient inns where dishes include sliced potatoes cooked in goose fat, and chunks of cheese are served with rustic bread and local truffles.

Markets and vineyards

The markets of Dordogne are at the heart of daily life. Restaurant chefs visit each day for fresh and seasonal supplies such as strawberries in the spring, blueberries in the summer, cèpes in autumn, truffles in winter. In summer, local farmers markets spring up, featuring producers from the surrounding area, often with a festive atmosphere.

Some things require more local knowledge to seek out and that’s where Perigourmet excels, helping your exploration of Dordogne to become a delicious journey of discovery. Their day trips take you to the heart of Dordogne in their fleet of 2CV cars. Visits can include cookery lessons, a caviar farm visit, wine tasting (they pick you up from your accommodation and drop you back), truffle tasting, visits to distilleries, biscuit makers and walnut oil producers and lunch at an authentic restaurant with some of the finest local dishes. Tours can be tailored to suit your taste.

A taste of Dordogne tour you’ll never forget

“Food here in Dordogne is taken seriously” says Michel, “and there is so much to discover, so many secrets, so many tastes that most visitors never even find out about. Like ‘mique’, a rustic dish. It’s a ball of bread dough poached in a cooking broth so it has no crust. And le Tourin, a garlic soup, and Tiramisu à la Truffe – which is prepared like a normal tiramisu but with grated truffle in the mascarpone and Cognac instead of Amoretto…”

And when you include the drive through glorious countryside in this land of 1001 castles, through villages classified amongst the most beautiful in France, it’s a tour you’ll never forget.

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