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5 French Female Rappers You Should Know

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If you’re unfamiliar with the French rap scene, it’s time to get acquainted. France has the second largest hip-hop industry in the world behind the United States, and has produced famous rappers of global renown like MC Solaar and Booba. But what about les femmes du rap? French female rappers — les rappeuses — have unapologetically challenged the notion that rappers should be men, and by doing so, have revolutionized the genre. Here are five notable rappeuses you should know.


Diam’s, or Melanie Georgiades, was born in Cyprus and moved to a suburb south of Paris when she was three. Perhaps France’s most famous female rapper, Diam’s made her revolutionary debut in the rap game in the early 2000s. Her most successful album, “Dans Ma Bulle,” was released in February 2006, debuting at number one on the French charts selling 50,000 copies in its first week. 

Her mixed ethnicity and personal experience with immigration have without a doubt influenced her music. Her lyrics often question what it means to be “French” and the pressure to be “French enough.” She is known for her rather angry-sounding, politically-charged verses.

Though she’s not currently making music, Diam’s has left behind both a musical and social legacy, paving the way for many women to join the rap industry.


Chilla, or Mareva Rana, has been creating music for as long as she can remember. She started off singing and began rapping a few years ago. The experience in both has given her the ability to switch between aggressive rap verses and soft, sung melodies. Her lyrics often confront the misogyny she faces in both the music industry and her personal life, as well as her right to be feminine while rapping. 

She states, “I’m going to rap, I’m in heels, what of it? I have all the rights to rap and be feminine.”

We hear you, Chilla.


The youngest on this list, Sianna has managed to make her mark in the industry at only 22. She was born in Mali and moved to Beauvais, a small town in northern France that she takes pride in representing. Her talent has been widely recognized, and Warner Music was eager to sign her. Sianna has been applauded for her impressive ability to freestyle, along with her energy and mastery of rhyme. Sianna released her latest album last year. 

La Gale

La Gale, or Karone Guignard, is a Swiss-born punk-rocker-turned-rapper. The result is a totally unique blend of punk rock and hip-hop that fuel her rebellious spirit. Her incendiary lyrics cut into deep topics and shed light on heavy issues like immigration, impoverished youth, and police brutality, all together offering a jarring break from mainstream, flashy rap. Her latest EP came out in 2015. 

Lala &ce

Lala &ce, (Lala Ace) or Mélanie Crenshaw, lived in Lyon before she moved to London, where she currently resides. She began releasing music on her Soundcloud, where she’s developed a very strong fan base, with many claiming that she’s the best French rapper of the day. Her care-free attitude is mirrored in her slow, nonchalant flow. In an interview, she announced that she will be releasing an album in September that will change the direction of her music — and we’re ready to follow it. 

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