Thinking of Going on Holidays in France with Your Dogs?

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Going on holiday in France is a dream come true! France is a beautiful destination where there is a lot to discover. But if your family also has one or two dogs… you might be wondering if you can take your dog with you to France! So, is France a dog-friendly destination? How do I find a dog-friendly holiday rental? What is the best destination in France to travel with a dog? We answer all your questions !

Is France a dog-friendly destination?

Of course! Many French people have a dog as a pet. As in England, it is considered a member of the family. Many families take their dogs with them on holiday, to restaurants or even to the beach. A dog should not hold you back in your plans to stay in France. Although some places may be a little skeptical about you arriving with your pet, you can always find a restaurant or accommodation that will be happy to receive you. If you sit on the terrace of a bar, it is not uncommon for someone to come and bring a bowl of water to your pet before taking your order! So don’t worry, taking your dog on a trip to France is always a good idea.

How do I find a dog friendly holiday rental?

If you are looking for accommodation for your pets, we have the solution for you. Camping can be fun, but just because you have a dog doesn’t mean you have to skimp on comfort. Holidays should also be a comfortable time, where you can rest and feel good. Rest assured, it is possible to find a real holiday rental in France that will still be comfortable and offer quality services. So, forget the van and enjoy your next holiday in France with your dog!

For example, the French brand Evancy offers quality pet-friendly hotel residences in Northern France. For only 10€ per night and per animal you can enjoy hotel services, comfortable flats, and a trendy decoration for very reasonable prices. In addition to being dog friendly, Evancy’s accommodations all have an exterior (balcony or terrace) and the surroundings will allow you to ensure the best walks for your dogs. In addition to flats, Evancy even offers small cottages in the village of Equihen Plage, less than an hour’s drive from the town of Calais, from where you will arrive by shuttle or ferry. You can find all the information about this type of stay on the Evancy website.

What is the best destination in France to travel with a dog?

There is no one ideal destination for travelling in France with your dog. Dogs are happy as soon as there is water to swim in, wide open spaces to run around in or whatever, if they are with their family everything is fine! Nevertheless, it is true that the north of France and more precisely the Opal Coast has all its advantages. You can easily spend a whole day or more with your dog by the sea, on long sandy beaches, eating in a local restaurant etc. You can spend perfect days with your dog in France!

Whatever your choice, be careful when you go to France with your dog! There are a few formalities to follow in order to be able to cross the borders with peace of mind. Your dog must be identified (microchipped), have a pet passport or official veterinary certificate and be vaccinated against rabies. If you have any questions before taking your dog on holiday in France, don’t hesitate to contact your vet who will be able to tell you what to do when you go to another country.

Looking for a place to stay in France with your beloved pet? Click here for more information on Evancy.

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